Statement on media outlets reporting illnesses due to vaporizers.

We’ve received tons of questions in the last few weeks with what’s being reported in the news.

With all the idiots getting reported about in the news, we will say that it’s not because of Juul or any other flavored vaporizer that these people are getting sick. The reason these dumbass kids are claiming it’s that is because they don’t want their mommies/daddies knowing they were vaping marijuana cartridges. The media, as usual, will either not say this or is misinformed. They won’t answer my emails either.

We’ve been selling vape products and e-liquids for over 11 years. How is this all of a sudden killing people?

What’s happening is that the black market is selling THC-filled cartridges filled with pesticides and acetone as a way to save costs and make more money. Because a lot of people are cheap asses and don’t want to go to a dispensary, they resort to the black market to get these things. In turn, they don’t want others knowing about it, so they blame it on companies like Juul for getting them sick. The THC cartridges that are being laced is the stuff that’s killing people and not Juul or any of the vaporizers and e-liquids with/without nicotine. 

As far as the lawsuits are concerned, blame the parents for not using birth control and thus, bringing these clowns into the world that they can’t control. That’s not MY problem. That’s on the parents. Because of this, reputations for credible stores such as mine get thrown into the mix. People I’ve never seen are now coming in the store, pointing at CBD or vapes and ignorantly asking me, “IS THIS THE STUFF THAT THE NEWS IS SAYING IS KILLING PEOPLE?”

All of our e-liquids sold are lab-tested and brand name. It’s not the garbage you see in other vape shops that are being made in someone’s basement. Our e-liquids are made by professionals. Can vaping actual e-liquids and ones that are not laced with pesticides cause problems down the road? It may be. Again, however, we’ve sold vape products for over 11 years. How is this all of a sudden a problem now?

We’ll say the same thing we’ve said for many years in regards to all of our products: BUYER BEWARE. If you don’t want any issues like what you’re seeing in the news, go to a marijuana dispensary instead of on the street. If you don’t want garbage products that are usually sold in smoke shops, come to us rather than our competing stores. It’s really that simple.

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