Updated Kratom Lab Report; Specials for September

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Free: The four-letter word our competition hates when we say it. Well, for you Kratom fans, you can get some free with the following purchases.

Buy any 250 gram powder and you will receive one ten-count sample bag. If you purchase two, you will get a free 50-capsule bag of your choosing. Want more? If you purchase a kilo, you will get two free 50-pack bags.

And need I remind you, all of our Kratom brands are factory-sealed. We have to reiterate that because some crackhead with a broken arm at another store will try to put Kratom into a Ziploc bag and sell it to you. Don’t be fooled. All of our brands are factory-sealed and lab-tested. Can our local competitors show lab reports on theirs? If they say they do, we have a bridge to sell you at a cheap price.

For you customers who purchase over the phone for it to be shipped, this is the same deal you will get along with your free shipping. Stop in and see us or call 815-991-5955.

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