What’s better than one cigar humidor? Two cigar humidors!

And that’s exactly what you will be getting from now on. During the holiday season, our second self-serve humidor arrived and it’s beautiful. Both of these bad boys were built by a childhood friend who is now a carpenter back in Northwest Illinois where I grew up. Trust and quality are two viable substances needed to create a powerhouse such as these two humidors.

Cigar inventory has now been doubled. For those who shopped with us at the old store many years back, we had the walk-in humidor that was built in the summer of 2002. As expected, the cost of building one now is three times as much. With these two humidors, we have about 70% of the cigars as the old store while saving 70% of the cost for a walk-in. It didn’t make much sense for me to pay all that money for nearly the same amount of cigars. The door is always open for dare I say, a third one. That would give us the full amount for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some of the cigars that have been added: Perdomo Craft Series, Cohiba Blue, Diesel Grind, Arturo Fuente Short Story, Tatiana Honey and Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe.

Where have fans of cigars gone to in DeKalb County since 2002? It’s The Best In The Smoker’s World. These two humidors full of cigars will be awaiting your arrival.

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