We have the Smok Mag Kit for $30 cheaper than their official website!

Look at the picture or go to Smok’s website to see for yourself. They have the Mag at $119.99. What’s worse? Local stores around here sell it for even more. Our price? $89.99. Nope. That’s not a typo. Need coils? We have those for much cheaper too.

I know. I know. Some may say: “Well, I can get it for cheap on another website.” Is that so? Is it an authentic Smok or a knock-off? You see, I’ve dealt with customers who have bought knock-off products online and at the local competition. Whether they were mods, batteries or coils, it’s happened. Why risk it?

When you get a vaporizer such as the Smok Mag from us, here’s what you save in no particular order: A headache, money and time (who wants to wait days/weeks for something?).

Don’t let the local competitors (who copy everything we do) or online rip you off. We aren’t #1 in DeKalb County for no reason. With all that being said, there is only one thing left to do: Come to this store now and get the Smok Mag.

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