Students: Get your school supplies here with our Back To School Sale!

August 21st to September 3rd

Pencils? Notebooks? USB drives? Bookbags?

No, kids. It’s more like pipes, accessories, vaporizers and cigars. That is your list of Back To School supplies. And all of it’s on sale from August 21st to September 3rd right here. Not a student? Not a problem. You still get the sale price. Students, this is your time to shine. Show your school I.D. to get an extra 5% off any sale items. See you here!

Pipes $10-$30: 10% off

Pipes $30-$50: 15% off

Pipes $50 and above: 20% off

Water Pipes $25-$65: 10% off

Water Pipes $65-$125: 15% off

Water pipes $125 and above: 20% off

Vaporizers: 10% off

Dugout Boxes/Grinders: 10% off

Buy five or more cigars: 10% off

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