News and notes for August

Greetings to all. So, we’ve noticed many of you coming to our store after business hours only to see the lights off or one of just heading out. Our store hours are listed on the website here: – The hours are also listed on our Facebook page. Please check either before stopping by to make sure we’re here.

Some of you looking for pipes and grinders have noticed us getting low in the last few weeks. No need to worry. Every few months, we clear out the shelves to bring in new items. We have four different orders arriving between now and August 17th. Keep checking back!

We are a few weeks away from a certain annual sale. Stay tuned to the website and The Best In The Smoker’s World Network for those details.

And, of course, we’re your home for the best prices on cigarettes, roll-your-own and cigars. DeKalb County’s #1 Tobacco Store for the last 15 years is right here.

The summer isn’t over just yet. We’ll see you all soon!

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