Where else are you going to get 90 ML of brand-name e-liquids for $27.99? How about 180 ML for only $39.99?

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I should have had an emphasis on the term “brand-name”. That’s because we only sell brand name e-liquids. We don’t sell garbage that competing stores sell where they slap a poorly-made label on e-juice that, for all we know, was probably made in a basement.

Our e-liquids are made by professionals in California. And with the best selection of e-liquids in the area, we are your destination.

One-Hit Wonder E-Liquids that we’ve been carrying for almost two years are here. With the new line of 90 ML packages that came out before Christmas, you are getting an amazing deal. Don’t want the 180 ML for $39.99? Feel free to get the 90 ML for only $27.99!

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