Fryd Oreo and Fryd Banana: Two new E-Liquids added to the #1 tobacco store in DeKalb County.

(Waits for the competitor to copy this idea – The over/under on when he advertises for it is: Seven days)

The reviews are in: After a month and a half, we are all in on Fryd E-Liquids. Two flavors are out in Oreo and Banana. A 30 ML bottle is $22.99 or 2 for $37.99. Fryd is offered in three nicotine levels (0-3-6).

Ladies and gentleman, we are always ahead of the curve with new e-liquids and vaporizers. The only place in DeKalb County to get Fryd E-Liquids is right here (until WCW Ted Turner down the street steals another one of my ideas).

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