Unveiling a secret that most of you have wondered.

Through all of these years, so many customers have come through our doors and they ask me, “Muhammad, how do you continue to be The Best In The World?” Another question comes to mind is, “how are you always cheaper than everywhere else?” Well, right now, I am going to tell you all how I continue to be The King of Kings.

First, it’s tough being the Fro Dog. But somebody has to do it. It’s no secret that competitors want to be us. They do everything they can to do that, too. They read our website everyday. They send employees into our store to see what we’re doing and every time they find out we’re selling something new, they scramble all over the place to find the same product. I call that always finishing in second, or even third.

With that being said, here’s how I do it. It’s the shoes.


And yes, those are mine. That’s how I continue to be the best. You see where it says “Moe Fro” on one of them and “King of Kings” on the other? Exactly. So there you go, everybody. That’s my secret. Now, I bet my competitor, who many refer to him as “The Village Idiot”, tries to go out and buy a pair of shoes just like mine with the customization. What a turd.

There aren’t any shortcuts or lies here, folks. We tell it like it is. That’s why we have been the number one tobacco store in DeKalb County for nearly 14 years. We’ll see all of you here soon.

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