Our Black Friday weekend sale starts Wednesday, November 25th and extends until Monday, November 30th! (Sales on all cigars, pipes, vaporizers, grinders and Kratom)


9LyoB72XTCRIvcoc0Dhq_copycat (1)

Mr. Competitor, are you at it again?

E-Liquids added in the last month:

Vape The Rainbow (Skittles) – 32 ML – $25.99

Daze Selfie Sunday (Jolly Rancher Apple) – 15 ML – $12.99

Fruit Roll Up (Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon) – 30 ML – $19.99

We are the only place in DeKalb County selling premium brand Skittles, Jolly Rancher and Fruit Roll-Up e-liquids. Well, as always, we are the only place selling it until the WCW Ted Turner of tobacco store competitors down the street copies me again. I love it. It proves that we are winners because let’s face it, nobody would copy a loser.

Best In The Smoker’s World: Often imitated. Never duplicated.

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