We’re giving away a free pipe every week for the next month.

Customers, we did this last year and this year is no different. Even though our Back To School Sale ended, that doesn’t mean we have stopped giving away some sweet deals. First, thanks to everyone who helped out at our hookah tasting event with Haze Tobacco. We are giving away another hookah with tobacco and charcoal in the middle of October. Buy any hookah product and you can enter to win that prize.

For every week until October 11, buy any pipe, whether it’s glass, metal or wooden, you can enter in a raffle to win another pipe of your choosing that is $10 or below. We have many quality glass pipes in stock in that price range. It doesn’t matter what type or how much it is. You can enter to win.

We just restocked on all glass and water pipes. Come in today!

“It’s me Austin! […] It was me all along Austin!”

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