Alcohol-free, liquid nicotine now available!


Kept you waiting, huh? Well, wait no longer. Best In The Smoker’s World is the only place in the Dekalb and Sycamore area to carry brand-name and alcohol free liquid nicotine. We are exclusive to Drops by Blis along with their Power-V vaporizer. All bottles are 18ML and contain three nicotine levels (0, 12, 24). Flavors include tobacco, menthol, mint, bubble game, double apple, ocean mist, grape, strawberry, south beach and watermelon.

You can only get Drops by Blis, right here, at Best In The Smoker’s World in Sycamore, Illinois. Want it shipped or to order other products? Give us a call at 815-991-5955. We ship anywhere in the United States.

As we continue to show that we are the excellence of execution, we still carry the brand Tsunami brands with many levels of nicotine along with spare parts. Come in today to see!

“Nothing is impossible. In fact, it doesn’t say impossible, but rather, I’m possible. All you have to do is BO-lieve.”

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