OHM Turkish Yellow has arrived!


Many customers have asked for it and I, The Best In The World, has brought it. It’s OHM Turkish Yellow for roll your own and it’s here at Best In The Smoker’s World. We have it in the 1 Lb. bag and like all of our OHM as well as the rest of our loose tobacco, we guarantee the lowest price in town. OHM is here for $14.99 in the 1 Lb. bag. Remember customers, if you go down the street, you will pay about $23.99 for the same amount. Come to Best In The Smoker’s World today and save money on OHM and Shargio Tubes. Customers, if you follow the buzzards, you will be lead here, to 1565 Dekalb Ave. (Route 23) in Sycamore. Don’t be a lemon. Be a rosebud. Come down to Best In The Smoker’s World and start saving money today.

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