NIU students: It’s our third annual Spring Break sale!


1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C. in Sycamore! (Route 23/Sycamore Road)

Kids, my party days have been behind me for nearly six years. That doesn’t mean all of you can’t party for me. I supply the products and you use them for me. That’s the bottom line. Spring break is on it’s way and with this cold weather, I know some of you are heading south. Before you do so, you better come here and get some stuff for your trip! Until March 9th, you can buy any pipe (Yes, any pipe!) and get 10% off. Want something better? Show your NIU I.D. and get an additional 5% off. You think I’m crazy? Check this out. For your next purchase afterwards, I will give you 10% off as well. And don’t forget, read below this post on the homepage for our sales on hookah products as well. 

NIU and residents of Dekalb, I am a hop, skip and a jump from campus. If you are on Glidden, just take a right off Bethany and then, left off of Dekalb Ave./Sycamore Rd. Then, we will be on your left next to Batteries Plus past Menards. If you are on Lincoln Highway, go all the way to Sycamore Road and keep going until you see us on the left. You can get here in less than ten minutes. I will see you all here.

2 responses to “NIU students: It’s our third annual Spring Break sale!

  1. You’re doing a really good job. I like how the new place looks. Good to see you back in business my friend!

  2. thanks for the hookup on the hookah, I’ll be back soon for that penguin bowl…lol

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