We’re open for business!

Oh, you didn’t know? You better call somebody!

You see? It’s me. It’s me. It’s that F-R-O D-O-G. Kicking it once again, with that man known as Miguel V.


Temporary Sign
Permanent one coming soon!


1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C.

(North of the Menard’s right next to Batteries Plus)

In Sycamore

I want to thank everyone for the support the first few days. We are still having sales on Roll Your Own, pipes and scales. Anybody buying tobacco between now and February 8th will get a free lighter. All pipes are 10% off. NIU students, don’t forget that if you show your student I.D., you will get an additional 5% off any pipe. That’s right. ANY pipe I have for sale, you get 15% off. We also have received some detox products in with more on the way.

As time goes on, more products will be available. If you don’t see something, ask us. It’s probably on the way as we speak.

We will see you all at the new Best In The (Smoker’s) World.

2 responses to “We’re open for business!

  1. I was wondering what happened to you at the other store…lol I’ll be there to get some of those blunts! you have the supreme cigarillos?

  2. Best In The (Smoker's) World

    I do but only in white grape. I have a kind very similar to it called Clipper and those kinds are regular and pineapple. You also get four in a package for only 99 cents. The good news is, for that, White Owl is out of stock on the pineapple so Clipper is the only kind you can get. Besides, you get two more for the same price from me.

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