Showing love from Los Angeles despite United Airlines’ best efforts to ruin it!

After 18 months and 27 shows, the “front-row” streak did end. But that didn’t mean our title defense was in danger. During this trip, it was debate about who sucks more: United Airlines or our local competitors. United enjoyed cancelling one of our flights in the middle of the night and delaying the new one they gave us by six hours. And yet, The Face That Owns The Place still made it to the shows on time.

But guess what? All 77 of our local competitors didn’t even bother to show up for the open challenge battle royal to determine the DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champion. Did any of them use flight cancellations as an excuse? We sure didn’t. That means the winner and STILL undisputed Champions is Best In The Smoker’s World for an unprecedented, 21st consecutive year.

We thank everyone for the support. And if we had any advice, don’t book a flight with United. Ever. Because of them, a bunch of us didn’t get the opportunity to go to a very good steakhouse in Anaheim that we heard all about. Jerks.


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