It’s time for another round of price comparison between us and the meth lab down the street.

(Click to enlarge.)

Smok Novo 2 vapes have been carried in our store for over a year now. Used for both regular and salt juice, it’s easy to fill and use with no buttons unlike other nicotine vapes. And the best part? You get it here cheaper than anywhere else in DeKalb County. $29.99 is our price and that is at least $6 cheaper compared to other places. One competitor in particular is hating this right now because it’s one of the reasons more customers have migrated over here.

It’s become so great, that The Village Idiot Down The Street had to get a “business partner” to save his butthole from annihilation. Since I know he is reading this, I’ll ask him why he claims to have the best store in town and yet, has to beg for help to save his sinking ship? This is what he gets for failing to fall in line by acknowledging us as the champions of DeKalb County. I’m sure he’s enjoying his new business partner’s higher prices. We’ll keep lowering ours here.

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