To this day, our local competitors have yet to show lab results for their Kratom. We post ours every few months.


It’s been a routine for us to have an updated lab report for all of you to see. Look at the date in the picture. Our Kratom is clean with no pesticides, bacteria or metals. 100 samples get tested every three months.

Our watermark is on our lab report because The Village Idiot Down The Street™ has a documented history of stealing our ideas, pictures and words off our website.

Because he knows deep down he has no clue about running a business by putting Kratom into a Ziploc bag to sell, he ends up at a local establishment near the courthouse in Sycamore to get shitfaced and be late for work the next day. And since we know he is reading this, we wanted to thank him for his contributions to our business.

For over 11 years, we have sold only brand-name Kratom products that are factory sealed and lab-tested. For those who do shop with us, continue spreading the word. If you haven’t tried us out yet, find out for yourself today.

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