Posh Plus XL | $14.99

We’re just sending a friendly reminder to everyone that if you enjoy saving money, then this is the place to be. If you enjoy getting ripped off and having your intelligence insulted from the owner of The Conspiracy Theory Store down the street (or any other competing place), then knock yourself out. It’s not our money you’re throwing away.

Want an example? The Posh Plus XL disposable vaporizer. $14.99 is what you pay from us. The price from the weirdos? $20-$25. You’re saving a minimum of $5 from us. Can you imagine how much more you’ll be saving if you see us all the time?

We also recycle your old vape batteries. When they are finished, drop them off in our recycling box. So stop in, save some money and more importantly, help out the environment.


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