Need a vaporizer battery for your THC cartridge? We have them and for cheaper than dispensaries!

Whether it’s a battery pen or a box-style, we have them. Included in the box-style vapes are magnets for your cartridges. The dispensaries do not include magnets for them. And if you’re needing a spare, we sell them separately starting at $3.99. We also have spare empty cartridges for both oil and wax.

Standard pens start at $9.99. Box-style vapes start at $18.99. For those wanting something simple, we have standard vape pens without any buttons to ensure simplicity. For those advanced and/or adventurous, we have three and four-temperature styles to maximize the enjoyment.

As always, we include warranties on all of our vaporizers. We guarantee the lowest prices not just in DeKalb County, but also for the dispensaries. And if a THC-cartridge isn’t your thing, we have plenty of dry herb and wax vapes for sale along with standard vaporizers for e-liquids.

For 18 consecutive years, the reigning, defending, undisputed DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions play right here at Best In The Smoker’s World. Stop in and see us soon.


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