Don’t let The Village Idiot™ down the street rip you off on e-liquids. Bad Drip is only $16.99 from us for all nicotine levels!

(Click to enlarge.)

It’s one thing to price gouge during tough times. It’s another to price gouge for years. That’s what our competitors are doing and we have more proof.

New customers have came in recently talking about Bad Drip e-liquids being sold for much more than other places. One even said the conspiracy theorist down the street was charging about $25 for it. Another place is around $21. Our price? $16.99. And that’s for both regular and salt liquids.

And if you’re needing a vape, pods or coils, we have most in stock and at the guaranteed lowest prices in the area. The 11th Commandment states that “Thou shall not shop at the competition.” Stop in and save some of that money you would throw away elsewhere.

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