We will be closed January 1st and 2nd for a break and re-open January 3rd.

Greetings. We have our holiday hours listed at the top of the website. If you’re on your phone, tap the menu bottom at the top of the screen. As it goes for every year, we close an extra day or two at the start of the new year to give us working here some time off. We will be open normal hours throughout the month with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Since we are closed that extra day after the New Year, we advise that you stock up on what you need before we take a break. As mentioned above, we will have normal business hours except for those two days.

We thank all of you for your support. We will be fully stocked throughout the month and re-stock at the start of the new year with marijuana finally becoming legal here in Illinois. Stay tuned for what we have in store for that.

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