Moe Fro’s Kratom: The knockout punch to the competition.

20 years ago, the nickname “Moe Fro” was brought to light by a childhood friend. Since then, it’s been synonymous with terms such as “greatness” and “legacy”.

You can now add “Kratom” to that list.

Available in various strains (both capsules and powder), Moe Fro’s is The King of Kings when it comes to Kratom. Just like the other brands we have, it’s lab-tested, factory sealed in pouches or bottles and 100% pure to ensure the highest of quality. Our local competition can’t say that any of that.

Whenever we get a new product, we always give a shout out to the owner of the “Medieval Times Swords and Knives Store” down the street because he always finds a way to copy what we do. Since he does not own the name nor will he ever get close to being it, Moe Fro’s Kratom is only available right here at Best In The Smoker’s World Discount Tobacco And Entertainment.

We ship for free to 46 states. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order today.


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