Our annual Halloween Sale begins Friday, October 27th until October 31st!

Oh yeah. It’s here. From Friday, October 27th to Tuesday, October 31st, the Halloween Sale is taking over.

The competition may scare people with their high prices. It’s almost as if they are vampires who are sucking the money right out of your bank account. I will remind you once again that going to the competition isn’t deemed a wise decision. So, we’ll see you here. Details are below.

Hand Pipes $15-$30: 10% off

Hand Pipes: $30-$50: 15% off

Hand Pipes above $50: 20% off

Water Pipes up to $50: 10% off

Water Pipes $50-$125: 15% off

Water Pipes above $125: 20% off

Vaporizers – Grinders – Dugout Boxes: 10% off

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