Rick and Morty pipes are in; Buddy BPods; Smok G150 only $79.99!

(We will be closed the last three Sundays of September. Please scroll down below this post for more details.)

LIMITED QUANTITIES! While we are sold out of Rick and Morty grinders and water pipes, Rick and Morty hand pipes along with hitter boxes are back in stock.

Buddy BPod Kits: Remember those Jule Vaporizers that we sold a few years back? These are very similar and they are on the comeback trail. $28.99 is the cost of the kit and we have e-liquids and pods specially-made for them.

Smok G150 Box Mod: $79.99 gets you everything you need for this mod. On their official website, smoketch.com, their original price was $109.99. They’ve lowered it to $93.49 for a sale. That’s still, nearly $14 more than what we have it for.

Hey, you can feel free to check out the nearby competition when it comes to any Smok product such as the G150. I am certain the owner of one nearby store will be all butt hurt after he sees this. You’ll be paying between $100 and $125 at those places, which is way more than what we sell it for. He will probably get all coked up and tell you and everyone else that he sells more G150 kits in a day than I do in an entire month. He must have hacked our store system where our invoices are exposed.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. Save all the money and hassle by coming to the store that’s been the DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champion for over 15 years.

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