How excited am I for the Memorial Day Sale? See below.

On worldwide television this past Saturday night, some of you may have spotted me in the front row jumping up and down like I was 15 again. Well, that’s because the Memorial Day Sale is getting me all pumped up and I couldn’t help myself.

This sale starts Friday, May 26th and runs until Memorial Day Monday, May 29th. Store hours for Memorial Day are 9:00 to 5:00.

More cigars are in stock this week.

We’ll see you this weekend! Details are below.

Memorial Day Sale Details:

Cigars/Personal Humidors: 10% off

Pipes up to $30: 10% off

Pipes $30-$50: 15% off

Pipes above $50: 20% off

Water pipes up to $50: 10% off

Water pipes $50-$100: 15% off

Water pipes above $100: 20% off

All grinders and hitter boxes: 10% off

All vaporizers: 10% off


2 responses to “How excited am I for the Memorial Day Sale? See below.

  1. Hey,

    How do you always get front row seats? I saw you on TV all three nights with Backlash Sunday and on Raw in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday Night Raw. Everytime I look for tickets, I never get any in the front row and hear they are so damn expensive. You have connections?

  2. Best In The Smoker's World

    Nope. No connections. I just like to enjoy whatever little time I have off to go enjoy the shows and promote my business. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get tickets for all three shows this past weekend.

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