We are the largest carrier of Authentic Smok vaporizers, tanks and coils in DeKalb County!


I admit, I wasn’t fond of Smok products many years back when they first came out. Many of their products weren’t great and with so many counterfeits being sold in competing stores and online, it wasn’t worth it.

What a difference the last six months has made.

Now, Smok has redeemed themselves by becoming one of the top companies in the country. They have made many improvements to their tanks and the quality of the box mods have been modified drastically.

We carry many box mods from Smok along with tanks and coils. The Alien, oSub40, oSub80, V8S Stick and Nano One are all here. And say hello to the new C-Priv. It’s a touch screen 220-watt box mod. Amazing.

The best part? Take a look at their website’s retail prices at the top of this article and then, check ours on the right-hand side. The Smok Alien retails for $118.99. Would you like to pay $89.99 for it? All you have to do is come and see us at 1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C in Sycamore. That’s just one of the many deals you get when you come to us rather than go online or to the local competition.

Tanks? Look at the picture above. Smok’s retail is $44.99 on the Baby Beast Tank. Ours? $32.99. That’s not a good deal. That’s a great deal.

Coils for TFV4, TFV8, Big Baby Beast and Baby Beast coils are all $4.99. That’s at least $3-$4 cheaper than anywhere else.

We want to reiterate once again, that these deals are AUTHENTIC box mods. Not fakes. Our competitors and online markets have flooded their businesses with knockoff brands such as Smok and Kangertech. Don’t let them fool you.

Why do competitors hate us? Because for 15 years, we have been the best in DeKalb County by having new products before anyone else and at the guaranteed lowest prices. Smok box mods and accessories are one of the reasons why we will continue to be that way.

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