Mr. Competitor down the street (also known as Doofus) is charging way more for Kratom than we are. See for yourself below.

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This crackhead is really becoming a comedic act down the street. As if he isn’t already hiding behind his million overpriced water pipes in the corner of his super-duper-store, he will read this article within hours after it’s published and crap in his Depends (since he reads our website on a nearly daily basis to steal more ideas).

According to the many customers we have taken from him in the last few months alone, check out the prices that we’ve had for the last TWO YEARS per gram on Kratom compared to his:

Capsules from us: $0.50-$0.85 (that’s cents) per gram

Capsules from WCW Ted Turner: $1.00 per gram

Customers, think about that. For every 100 grams you buy from the Village Idiot, you pay $100. Even if you were to buy our premium Kratom at 85 cents per gram (which is way better quality than anyone else), that’s $15 you save for every 100 grams you spend. You can save up to $50 for every 100 grams you buy from us than you would from Mr. Competitor. We have five different Kratom brands, which makes our store the place for the largest selection of Kratom in the state of Illinois.

1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C in Sycamore, Illinois is where you can find Kratom-CBD Central at Best In The Smoker’s World.

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