Shout out to the folks in San Antonio for their hospitality and kindness this past weekend


“1…2…KICK OUT. TWO!!! ONLY TWO!!!”

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will doing more of these shout-outs for folks and other businesses who have helped us out quite a bit in celebration of our 15th anniversary. A few weeks back, we had a big thanks to Tsunami for their help. Now, I want to thank some customers who made the experience in San Antonio a blast this past weekend.

As we were waiting for Mr. Competitor to show up to the ring in the Alamo Dome in front of 50,000 people, we were told by backstage officials that he decided to no-show after racing back and forth in his super-duper-store contemplating the idea. Needless to say, my hand was raised and victory was rewarded by forfeit. Cool with me. The biggest battle in San Antonio since the Alamo didn’t even happen because Mr. Competitor failed to show his coked-up face to the entire viewing world.

Thanks to everyone at the IceHouse on I-10, Justin from Pittsburgh, Miles from Dallas, and the other referee, whom I ran into near the Riverwalk. It was a pleasure meeting you, sir. Also, I want to thank everyone at Charlie Wants A Burger on the Riverwalk for the awesome food. Sorry to the waitress for forgetting your name, but thanks for putting up with us for about two hours on Sunday afternoon!

For the folks I mentioned above, I look forward to seeing you all in Orlando come April. It will be delightful.




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