The Tsunami Family of products



Since 2013, we have carried Tsunami products in our store. At the start, we were just carrying vaporizers and e-liquids. Located in Michigan, this company has expanded big time with a variety of accessories that you can find here at our store.

We want to send a shout out to Jason and the rest of our folks at Tsunami. He helps out very much by giving us deals. That, in turn, allows us to sell these products much cheaper than anywhere else. Whenever there has been an issue with something, they have taken care of us. The Tsunami High Wave Water Wax Vaporizer retails for $90 and we have it for $69.99. The Tsunami Eruption, which is for wax, dry and e-liquids, retails for over $110. We sell it for $89.99.

Along with these awesome vaporizers for e-liquid, dry and wax, Tsunami now has grinders and water pipes. Water pipes vary in price. Next, these are brand-name grinders being sold for much cheaper than Sharpstone or Diamond Grind. Those grinders, while awesome, can run you $30 or more for a large sized one. The cost for a Tsunami Grinder from us? $20. Nope. That’s not a typo. $20 gets you an awesome, heavy-duty and long-lasting grinder.

Tsunami is one of the few trusted names in the vaporizer market by giving lifetime warranties on most products. We are proud to say that Tsunami is here at The Best In The Smoker’s World. Stop in to see these products today!

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