First of it’s kind: LoKi Touch Screen Vaporizer for dry and wax

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Say hello to the new LoKi Vaporizer for both dry and wax. It’s the first of it’s kind by being a touch screen. What’s better? Just like our analog LoKi, it is a heating chamber rather than being ran on coils. That means that you do not need to buy any replacement parts for this. Just put in the dry or wax blends that you have and you are ready to go.

The new LoKi retails for $119.99. Our analog one that we have been carrying for over a year is still in stock at $99.99.

You see a trend here? We tend to bring in many “first of it’s kind” products in the smoking industry. What also is a trend is Mr. Competitor and the rest of the Brother Nero’s in DeKalb copying our ideas and concepts for these products after we advertise for them. We call that finishing in a distant second or even third while we are way ahead of the pact. So, we won’t be surprised if any of them bring in a similar product in the coming weeks. We were told by some customers that another competitor on the other side of town near campus copied the same sale and raffle giveaways that we had for Halloween.

Message to all of the competitors in DeKalb County: Enjoy playing catch up to us by copying everything we do. This proves you are all losers and can’t come up with your own ideas. Customers can see who did what first by all of our archival postings and videos. The proof is all there.

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