Gallery of new glass hand and water pipes



As we have said many times over the years, quality over quantity is what we find most important at our business. All because a competing store has a million different kinds of pipes or e-liquids for example, doesn’t mean any of them are that great to begin with. With some stores, they may have a ton of glass, but they are probably overpriced and the quality isn’t as advertised.

Here at Best In The Smoker’s World, you are going to get both. We have added two new shelves for our glass water pipes and have stocked to near capacity for the holiday season. New Illuminati and oil rigs with quartz bangers are in stock. This glass is proudly made in Los Angeles by professional glass blowing companies and for below retail price. Just arriving as well are new bubblers and spoon-style pipes. Check out our gallery below and stop in to see us soon. Click on the pictures to enlarge.









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