CBD Treats/Oral sprays for pets now available here. CBD snacks, lotion for hands, arms and muscles have also arrived.


The market for CBD has exploded over the last two years. What separates us from the rest is the selection of products. Now, say hello to CBD for pets. For us humans, CBD Lotion for hands, arms and muscles are in stock as well.

Along with our CBD e-liquids and edibles for humans, we have added oral spray for both humans and pets. Now, treatment for pets and lotion for humans are being added to our CBD Division.

Pet treats can be used for both cats and dogs. We have big bags of salmon and chicken treats. Our bacon biscuits are for dogs only. As you can see in the picture above, CBD is all-natural and is much more beneficial for pets and  some veterinarians in California approve of this product. It’s truly a game-changer in the market.

Free shipping is available for all products. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to see what your options are.

Here at The Best In The Smoker’s World, we were the first business in the county to get CBD E-Liquids in early 2015. After that, the competitors around the area decided to copy us (as they usually do). Now, we are the first ones to get CBD for your cat or dog.

What’s that? Oh, we are just getting word in at our store that a certain competitor who is known around DeKalb County as the village idiot, is reading this article and vehemently searching for this product online. Now, we are hearing that he is first Googling what the word “vehemently” means. Advice to all of the kids: Snorting things are bad, mkay?

Best In The Smoker’s World: Often imitated. Never duplicated.

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