Here are details of our top-selling wax vaporizers, mod rigs and e-nails available.


Pulsar APX Wax – $79.99: A box mod that uses a triple-quartz tank for wax. Since it’s a box mod, you can easily switch the top part for an e-liquid tank. Mr. Competitor will charge over $100 for this. We have it at least $20 cheaper with spare parts available. A one-year warranty comes with it.

Exxus Go – $79.99: It’s a portable concentrate vaporizer. As it is for our Pulsar above, a one-year warranty is included with a triple-quartz chamber. Just attach the glass chamber and you are ready to rock and roll with a heat-up time of just five seconds. Exxus is one of our main brand-name products for dry, wax and e-liquid products.

Wulf-Mod Rig – $79.99: Have a box mod and want to convert it into an oil-rig? For the last several months, the Wulf-Mod Rig has been the go-to piece for customers. It comes in a mini-case with all of the parts available. Need a new coil or glass piece? We sell separate ones in case of an accident.

Premium E-Nails – $99.99 to $119.99: The first generation of e-nails were awful products. About two years ago, we carried some of them and felt our experiences weren’t up to our expectations. They were cheaper, but the quality wasn’t great. Now, the second generation has won me over. We have brand name analog and digital e-nails. Mention this ad to get $10 off any e-nail we have.

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