New Kratom, Rice Krispie Treats E-Liquids, Walking Dead Bic Lighters, yada, yada, yada…

Okay, someone open up the hydrant near the store. We are on fire.

A few new things have been added to our store in the last two months. Pictures are below. Click on them to enlarge.

Kratom in a bottle is back with Bali Liquid Gold 2 oz. These go for just $9.99 a bottle.


Ethos Crispie Treats E-liquids. Crispie Treats come in a 60 ML bottle for only $35.99. Folks, when it comes to brand name e-liquids in DeKalb County, there isn’t a better deal anywhere. $35.99 gets you 60 ML of Ethos Crispie Treats E-Liquids.


Last, but not least, Walking Dead Bic Lighters. All Bic Lighters are $1.59 and under, so stop in today to see what we have.

I cannot sign off without reminding folks who live outside of our area. We give free shipping on all Kratom and E-Liquids. Check out the E-Liquids or Kratom pages on our website to see what else we sell. Give us a call with any questions or to make an order today: 815-991-5955.


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