For sale until Friday: Two tickets to Bears/Raiders at face value this Sunday


As you see in the picture, I am selling my Bears/Raiders tickets for this Sunday. These are part of my season tickets and since the Bears suck, I have been selling off the rest of the season’s home games. I already sold the remaining home games later in the year. That’s what happens when the Bears torture you. I can’t take the pain anymore. It’s time for someone else to feel the misery.

My seats are located in Section 348, Row 12 – Face value is $85 a piece after taxes for a total of $170.  If you have an offer, I may consider it but please understand, I have season tickets and pay a lot up front. This game does not include the parking pass as I gave it to a buddy of mine at the previous game.

If you want these tickets, you’ll have to come in and see us. These tickets will be available until Friday. Once we close Friday, I’ll be out of town for the weekend and my employees won’t be able to help you. Thanks everybody.

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