The new iPV3 LI and iTaste MVP 3.0 box mod vaporizers are here!

Best In The Smoker’s World in Sycamore is the only store in Dekalb County selling all authentic vaporizers. You read that right, folks. Don’t let our competitors both in town and online rip you off by selling clone vaporizers. All because you see a certain box mod for cheaper online doesn’t mean it’s authentic. And our competitors in town? They will sell you a clone for more than what we charge for an authentic. We’ve had customers bring them in for us to see.

Customers, we’ve been in business for 13 years. We’ve seen it all. It’s become progressively worse since the vaporizer market became saturated with products two years ago.

With that being said, we have received the newest models of our top two box mod vaporizers. First up, we have the new iTaste MVP 3.0. In addition to features of the 2.0, you can use it with both pro-tanks and sub-tanks. A universal vaporizer? Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s here.

Next up? It’s the iPV 3 LI. It’s lighter than the original and instead of using a small screwdriver to put the batteries in, it has a sliding door. The iPV 3 comes with 165 wattage of power and temperature control.

It’s here in our expanded vaporizer division at Best In The Smoker’s World. Along with these box mods, we have others that are lower in wattage and cheaper. And don’t forget, we have a full stock of sub-tanks, coils and kanthal wire in different sizes. Stop in today or call us at 815-991-5955 if you have any questions or to make an order. We give free standard shipping on all orders.


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