High Voltage Detox drinks and shampoo are new and lasts longer than previous products


Since 2003, we have brought in many different detox products such as drinks, pills and synthetic urine. Once we find a certain product that connects with our audience, we stick with it. We are proud to say we have officially signed on with High Voltage Detox. We started selling their drinks and shampoo last November and our customers had great feedback for it.

We give free shipping on all detox products, regardless of the amount you spend. The rest of our products can be found here. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 if you have any questions or to make an order. And remember, we are the only place in Dekalb County that sells High Voltage (that is until one of our competitors copies another one of our product ideas), is right here, at Best In The Smoker’s World!

Some of our customers have had the following to say about High Voltage Detox:

– It lasts longer than regular detox drinks (seven hours rather than five)

– It tastes better (compared to Magnum and Instant Acting)

– It’s cheaper ($19.99 compared to Magnum, Instant Acting and Absolute Detox that were $24.99-$34.99)

– High Voltage shampoo is about $10 cheaper than other brands ($29.99 compared to $39.99)


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