Santa Clara, California: Owner of Best In The Smoker’s World takes down his competitor with ease; 13 years straight as #1 tobacco store in Dekalb County

A record-breaking crowd of over 76,000 at Levi’s Stadium witnessed The King of Kings take down Mr. Competitor down the street as Best In The Smoker’s World retained it’s title of #1 tobacco store in Dekalb County.

Just like last year (and in the previous years), certain competitors try coming into our house and declaring themselves the best. What they don’t know is that they aren’t on the same level as us. Our competitors tend to copy our ideas, talk trash about our personal lives and most of all, tell customers one thing and do another.

We, however, come up with our own ideas, don’t talk trash and be honest, respectful and upfront with our customers. Our competition can’t say that. Our actions speak louder than words.

Congratulations to Davenport, Iowa’s own, Colby Lopez for cashing in his briefcase. What a night. Below are pictures from the weekend as well as the highlights from the match. Click on photos to enlarge.

IMG_20150327_191028637  Screenshot_2015-03-27-20-19-44 IMG_20150328_120250079

IMG_20150328_135700379 SYS104_201503281646194130 IMG_20150328_154337375

IMG_20150329_121151081     IMG_20150329_160622361IMG_20150329_192842004

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