Just like last year, we are giving out free products with purchase of any hookah or accessory.


Ladies and gentleman, our friends over at Fantasia sent us a big box of goodies for the second year in a row. And guess what? We’re going to give them to you with purchase of any hookah product. FOR FREE!

Yes. Free. While supplies last, buy any type of a hookah product whether it’s a new hookah, tobacco or an accessory and you get a choice of your gift for free.

And some of you may be wondering: “Why is he giving away products for free?” You want to know why? The Fro Dog will you why. It’s because I am the King of Kings. And nobody else is. You see, when you are the King of Kings, you can do anything you want when you want. Can the competition do that? If so, I have swampland in Florida that I can sell you real cheap.

So what can you choose from? How about a Fantasia t-shirt? With weather being warm this weekend (January 17th), we have sunglasses and lanyard key chains as well. I have so many in this box, you better get here soon before someone else grabs them.

1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C – We are north of the Menards in Sycamore!

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