What’s new in 2015 at Best In The Smoker’s World?

We are entering our 13th year in business and our second here at the new location. During the first full week of January, customers will be seeing many new products. New vaporizers, alcohol-free e-juice and more cigars are arriving. We now have two humidors (one being self-serve). As always, we guarantee the lowest prices and only carry brand name e-juice, vaporizers (all kinds) and cigars. Ladies and gentleman, our competitors in the area cannot say that. All of our vaporizers contain warranties by their respective companies. Once again, our competitors in the area cannot say that.

Coming up in the next week or two, we will have an announcement with more about this along with deals on our vaporizers on the Network. The Best In The Smoker’s World Network is on You Tube. In the mean time, like us on Facebook and stop by when you get a chance. We’ll see you here soon.

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