When you shop at Best In The Smoker’s World, you become the one in 21-1.

Then, when you find out how much cheaper our prices are than the competitors, you will be as shocked as these folks below. Yeah. I know. Paying $11.99 for 8 oz. of OHM down the street isn’t very pleasant. I’d be in disbelief too.

(OHM Tobacco 8 oz.: $7.75) (Shargio King Size Tubes: $1.99)

(Powermatic II Machine – $94.99) (Al Capone 10 pack – $7.99)


The reaction from people after realizing that Best In The Smoker’s World has 8 oz. of OHM for $7.75 when they were paying $11.99 down the street for the same product.

“Knock, knock. [Who’s there?] Mike. [Mike Who?] Mike…Lient (my client), the beast incarnate, conquered Mark Calaway’s undefeated streak at the Superdome.”

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