The Shield is here to protect customers from high prices.

Believe in that. And believe in The Best In The (Smoker's) World. Picture left to right: Colby Lopez, The King of Kings, Joseph Anoa'i.

Believe in that. And believe in The Best In The (Smoker’s) World.

While on the travel to the Superdome last month, an agreement was reached with The Shield members to protect customers who shop at Best In The (Smoker’s) World from paying higher prices at other nearby competitors. The Shield are the hounds of justice. If you pay more somewhere else for tobacco or pipes, they will guide you right here to 1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C. in Sycamore, Illinois.

With the authority trying to tell us that we will either adapt or perish to their ruling, myself, along with The Shield continue to prove them wrong by continuing to have the cheapest prices in town on all roll-your-own tobacco as well as prepacked cigarettes and pipes.

It’s a given. Best In The (Smoker’s) World is truly, the best in the world. That’s how it’s been for 12 years now. Come check out why. All products are sold at the guaranteed lowest price.


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