Cyclops available (limited quantities)


$30-$45: 10% off

$45 and above: 15% off

Sale ends this Saturday, January 31st. We have a full stock back in with an entire shelf dedicated to American made glass. We’ll see you here soon.

Competition continues losing streak; calls for truce.


Tommy Boy wanted the exam over as soon as possible.

Alright, so, to get everyone up to speed, the competitor down the street (we all refer to him as Doofus) declared himself ready for battle. After several opportunities to match all prices, he still could not do so as Best In The Smoker’s World is still, the #1 tobacco store in Dekalb County. We have emerged, once again, victorious in the war, after several more customers vowed alligence to us after seeing his prices. We guarantee the lowest prices on roll-your-own products.

After this, Doofus surrendered and begged for mercy and a truce. I, The King of Kings, accepted. It was Christmas time and he invited me to his store for a holiday party along with the rest of his employees. I felt that this was the best way to give back and be kind to people that have sent me many customers. Now, the tradition is continuing of Best In The Smoker’s World as the #1 tobacco store in Dekalb County. See below.


It was hot out. My face was getting a nice tan.

Just like last year, we are giving out free products with purchase of any hookah or accessory.


Ladies and gentleman, our friends over at Fantasia sent us a big box of goodies for the second year in a row. And guess what? We’re going to give them to you with purchase of any hookah product. FOR FREE!

Yes. Free. While supplies last, buy any type of a hookah product whether it’s a new hookah, tobacco or an accessory and you get a choice of your gift for free.

And some of you may be wondering: “Why is he giving away products for free?” You want to know why? The Fro Dog will you why. It’s because I am the King of Kings. And nobody else is. You see, when you are the King of Kings, you can do anything you want when you want. Can the competition do that? If so, I have swampland in Florida that I can sell you real cheap.

So what can you choose from? How about a Fantasia t-shirt? With weather being warm this weekend (January 17th), we have sunglasses and lanyard key chains as well. I have so many in this box, you better get here soon before someone else grabs them.

1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C – We are north of the Menards in Sycamore!

UPDATE 01/12/15: Three different shipments of vaporizers have arrived!

Click on picture to enlarge.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Customers, as I, The King of Kings, gave my word, more vaporizers have arrived. We have two more orders coming in this Friday and Monday, as well. We ran out right after Christmas, so I made it a priority to stock up even more than I have in the past. So, what’s here? We have more stock of the iTaste Cool Fire II. It’s similar to the MVP, but there aren’t any inputs for cell phones or iPods as it uses a separate battery. However, it is more powerful and has a higher, adjustable voltage. We also received another stock of Wulf Mods Tundra and the Puffit 2. The Puffit 2 looks like an inhaler and this one, does both dry and concentrate blends.

The only place in Dekalb County to get these vaporizers (Until the doofus owner of my competition down the street copies this post like he did with my October one) is right here, at Best In the Smoker’s World in Sycamore, Illinois.

As always, we do free shipping on all vaporizers. If you are not within driving distance, give us a call at 815-991-5955. We ship all orders by the next business day.

Just one of the many things the competition copied from our website.

Around Thanksgiving, I was briefed on our competitor down the street copying posts (word for word) and posting them on his store Facebook page. I will say that I do have not Facebook. My employees are the ones that run our store page here. A customer brought it to my attention again right before Christmas that the doofus is now, taking pictures from our site, as well. I asked him to provide me with a snapshot of an example for me to post on here and he did.

Here is my post on October 17th about our iTaste MVP: Click here.

And here is a post on his Facebook page just a day after I posted my article.

Tom Allen Likes Fishsticks

There you have it, everybody. As I said before, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Stay classy, competition.

What’s new in 2015 at Best In The Smoker’s World?

We are entering our 13th year in business and our second here at the new location. During the first full week of January, customers will be seeing many new products. New vaporizers, alcohol-free e-juice and more cigars are arriving. We now have two humidors (one being self-serve). As always, we guarantee the lowest prices and only carry brand name e-juice, vaporizers (all kinds) and cigars. Ladies and gentleman, our competitors in the area cannot say that. All of our vaporizers contain warranties by their respective companies. Once again, our competitors in the area cannot say that.

Coming up in the next week or two, we will have an announcement with more about this along with deals on our vaporizers on the Network. The Best In The Smoker’s World Network is on You Tube. In the mean time, like us on Facebook and stop by when you get a chance. We’ll see you here soon.

Happy New Year from Best In The Smoker’s World!

I want to thank everybody who has supported us as we are entering our 13th year in business. This past year has been tough as we have transitioned to our new location in Sycamore but one of the reasons for our longevity has been because all of you. There are a lot of new products that are coming in the next week or two. But for now, here is our new humidor that arrived in December. We have a lot more cigars and will get many more in the coming weeks.


“Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”