Back To School/$9.99 Sale extended until September 15th! (Commercial #6)

“Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.”

Haze Hookah Tobacco now available at Best In The Smoker’s World for only $9.99!


Haze Hookah Tobacco’s slogan on their website says “Simply The Best”. Well now, you can get “The Best” right here, at Best In The Smoker’s World.

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Why the competition is mad at us; Plan B for customers (Promo #1)

What eats away at my competition’s core? What can customers do to save money? View the video to find out. And remember, it’s party time all the time!


Northern Illinois University students: Get back to school with Best In The Smoker’s World!


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1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C (Route 23/Sycamore Road) in Sycamore is the only place to get this deal so come in and see us soon. Sale starts August 15th until September 1st!

NIU students: It’s that time of the year again. For the fourth year in a row, Best In The Smoker’s World is having their back to school sale. What can you expect this year from us? Well, unlike years’ past, we only had select pipes and cigars on sale. This year, you get ANY pipe or any cigar for 10% off. Yes. Even our Chameleon Glass pipes from the West Coast are on sale and we have never done that until we opened up at our new location.

Want something better? Any student who shows their school I.D. will get an additional 5% off. In the words of Vinnie Mac: WHAT A MANEUVER!

Not an NIU student? Not a problem. You still get 10% off any glass pipe or cigar from our humidor. Why? Because I am the King of Kings.

Coming August 10th on The Best In The Smoker’s World Network:

Plan B for our loyal customers and a theory as to why the competition is angry.

The Bud Bug Electric Grinder has arrived!

Oh, baby. Look at what I have for my loyal customers. This is the Bud Bug grinder and the only place to get it in the Dekalb and Sycamore area is right here, at Best In The Smoker’s World (that is, until one of my competitors copies another one of my ideas). I guess that’s what happens when you are the excellence of execution. “Often imitated. Never duplicated.” And for crying out loud, customers, please, this grinder is for tobacco use only. If not, I am going to find you where you live and re-arrange your furniture. Don’t make me.

Please note, we only have a limited amount so stop in and get it before someone else does! See video below for a tutorial.

“The only thing that’s for sure, is nothing is for sure.”

Cigarette Specials from July 17th until supplies last.

Folks, we have received a new shipment of promotions on cigarettes. We guarantee the lowest price in the area on cigarettes and we have plenty of cheaper options such as generic brands like Time, Pyramid, Pall Mall and Fortuna. And remember, these specials are while supplies last so stop in today to save!

Marlboro Black Label Edge: $0.50 off
Marlboro Black Label NXT: $0.50 off
Marlboro Red Label Short (Medium): $1.00 off
Marlboro Menthol Blue 100’s (Mild): $1.00 off
Pall Mall Menthol Black 100’s: $0.50 off
All Camel products listed below:  $0.75 off
Filter 99’s, Lights Box, Menthol, Menthol Silver, Crush, Crush Bold

                      “Best In The World: 07-17-11″


When you shop at Best In The Smoker’s World, you become the one in 21-1.

Then, when you find out how much cheaper our prices are than the competitors, you will be as shocked as these folks below. Yeah. I know. Paying $23.98 for 16 oz. of OHM down the street isn’t very pleasant. I’d be in disbelief too.

(OHM Tobacco 16 oz. – $14.99) (Shargio King Size Tubes: $1.99)

(Powermatic II Machine – $94.99) (Al Capone 10 pack – $7.99)


The reaction from people after realizing that Best In The Smoker’s World has 16 oz. of OHM for $14.99 when they were paying $23.98 down the street for the same product.

And yes, I am a Paul Heyman guy. He may be a lot of things but one is for certain: He takes his clients to the top.

“Knock, knock. [Who's there?] Mike. [Mike Who?] Mike…Lient (my client), the beast incarnate, conquered Mark Calaway’s undefeated streak at the Superdome.”