Attention Customers: The three major cigarette companies have raised all prices of cartons by 70 cents. Save money by rolling your own today.


You will pay as much for a carton cigarettes at Best In The Smoker’s World as you did when Bill Willy was president!

On May 14, all cartons went up 70 cents, which brought the average price to an astounding $63 (tax included). Think about that. When we first opened up our business in 2002, the average price was around $27.

Oh, how the times have changed. Do you actually think you will ever pay $27 for another carton of cigarettes again? You can. In fact, how would you like to pay about $12, on average, for a carton of cigarettes?

Seriously, I have your solution.

When you roll your own cigarettes, that’s very much in the realm of possibility. 6 oz. of OHM rolling tobacco is here for only $8.49. Add a box of Gambler Tubes for $2.69 and you are set. After tax, $12.07 gets you a full carton of cigarettes. Want more? Buy a 1 lb. bag (16 oz.) of OHM tobacco and your carton price can be as low as $10. Either of these options saves you about $50 for each carton. Smoke a carton a week? You save $200 a month and the rest is history.

Some of you might say, “Ugh, I don’t want to make cigarettes. It takes too long!” With a Powermatic II electric machine, it will take about 75 minutes to make a full carton. While you’re sitting down watching television at night, you can make a carton of cigarettes during that time. No problem. Or spread it out over the days. It’s that simple. And, of course, we sell those machines as well.

We have many kinds of tobacco, tubes, cases and machines at the guaranteed lowest price. We also carry kinds such as Good Stuff, Gambler, Cherokee and Largo. For premium tobacco, we have American Spirit, Drum and Bugler. It’s all right here at Best In The Smoker’s World. Stop in today!



New cigars have arrived. We now carry CAO World Sampler Packs. We also just received the new Punch Chi-Town cigars in a tube. The Chi-Town is a natural tasting 5×50 cigar and is available for a limited time only! Other top cigars include the Rocky Patel Sampler Packs and Romeo Y Julietta Churchill Naturals. See below.



“That’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing.”

Authentic sub-tank ohm and more box mods are back in stock.


Kangertech Sub-Tank


This is the second time in as many months that we went a few days without any products in stock. Our apologies to those were left out. But when you have mods and tanks that are authentic and sold cheaper than anywhere else, that will happen. No worries, folks, we have these products back (for now).

Aspire Altantis 2, Kangertech Subtank and Arctic sub-tanks are tanks we have carried since December. The response has been well-received and more are back in stock, as well as more box mods such as iStick ELeaf and iPV3/iPV3 Mini.

As mentioned before, we have an entire section of our store dedicated to vaporizers, whether you want e-liquids, dry blends or concentrates. Stop in today.


Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub-Tank

The competitors say they match all prices. The truth? They cannot match what they can’t beat.

“Feel the power.”

Deals on Kratom (Until May 15th)


Greetings to all. While the weather hasn’t been as warm as we have been wanting, some of our products here at Best In The Smoker’s World have been heating up. We have added depth to our vaporizer division. Now, more brand name Kratom is in stock and at the guaranteed lowest price. Capsules and Powder include Maeng Da, Red Bali and Green Malay.

Here is what is on sale for Kratom until May 15th.

Capsules (50 count):

$29.99 or 2 for $49.99

Powder (30 grams):

$29.99 or 2 for $49.99

Powder (60 grams):

$59.99 or 2 for $89.99

Best In The Smoker’s World is now Best In The Smoker’s World Discount Tobacco and Entertainment!

Ladies and gentleman, our transition is complete. Since moving to our new location in February of last year, we decided as a whole, to broaden our business. We believe that providing more contemporary programming has increased clientele and viewership.

With the Best In The Smoker’s World Network, you can see what’s on sale at the moment, as well as access our growing video library. And the best part? It’s free! The reception has been well received as many have came in to express how much they enjoy the entertainment portion of our website. One example includes episodic photos about our competition down the street (see below; click on photos to enlarge).

As always, we thank you for watching our network programming as well as for your business in our store. We look forward to seeing you in the very near future.



We have an entire section of our store dedicated to vaporizers.


In the last six months, we have added depth to our vaporizer division by bringing in newer vaporizers, e-liquids and spare parts. We previously mentioned that we carry the iPV3 and iPV3 mini for box mods. Now, we have added more dry blend and concentrate vaporizers.

Since February, one of our best selling dry blend vaporizers has been the Wulf Mod Digital and Wulf Mod SX. We also carry the Classic Vape but these two have many more features than previous models. Keep in mind, Wulf gives customers a one-year warranty along with spare parts, if needed. And I can tell you that the vaporizer division for the remainder of 2015 is going to be hotter than it has ever been at Best In The Smoker’s World. Stop in today.

Wulf Mod DigitalMultiple temperature levels

Wulf Mod SX – Multiple temperature levels, stainless steel heating chamber