Our 4th of July weekend sale is going on right now until Sunday, July 5th! ***Deals on cigars, pipes, e-liquids and Kratom***



The #1 selling e-liquid in Los Angeles has arrived at Best In The Smoker’s World!


Ladies and gentleman, it’s here. Three weeks ago, I signed on with this company in California to carry two new brands of premium e-juice.

First, we have Cuttwood Unicorn Milk. This is the strawberry milkshake of e-liquids. Cuttwood is nicknamed “The Sauce Boss” and is hand crafted in beautiful Los Angeles, California. It is the #1 selling e-juice out there and now, it’s here at Best In The Smoker’s World. Cuttwood comes in four different nicotine levels (0, 6, 12 , 18).

Next up, we have Kilo Cereal Milk, which is similar to those Cap’N Crunch Berries that you had when you were a child. Since Kilo is new on the market, they have only released it in three different nicotine levels (0, 6, 12) but the response has been well-received so far.

Two new products are here. And as promised, our vaporizer division has been expanded over the course of the last two months. We’re not done yet. And don’t forget, we have plenty of box mods, sub-tanks and other accessories in stock. Free shipping to those who are not within driving distance of us. Questions or to to make an order? Give us a call at 815-991-5955.

A tribute to the owner of our competition down the street.

Our competitor down the street is once again, angry at us for taking more of his customers. But, even after all of the pictures and posts he has taken from our website and called them his, we are showing the love for him. Special thanks goes out to our friends from Europe for the song. Enjoy.

We have less than ten Blackhawks’ water pipes left in stock. The new shipment won’t be in until next week, so stop in today!



Toews and Kane love our sign!

Toews and Kane love our sign!

The Blackhawks are the Stanley Cup Champions. We have Blackhawks water pipes, dugout boxes, grinders and lighters in limited supplies. Stop by today!


This feels great, folks. As a child, I never thought I would see the Blackhawks win one Cup, let alone three. I am a proud owner of a Jeremy Roenick jersey. Today, I am even nice to the bandwagon fans! Enjoy these products while we have them. We’ll see you here soon.

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Cigarette specials are here for a limited time only!


At the the start of every month, we receive a shipment of specials on cigarettes. 

Here is what we have in stock while supplies last:

Marlboro $0.50 off:

Rich Blue Short – Rich Blue 100’s

Marlboro $1.00 off:

Blend 27’s – Menthol Shorts – Menthol 100’s – Menthol Light Short

Camel $0.75 off:

Filter 99’s – Blue 99’s – Menthol – Menthol Silver – Crush Bold – White – White Menthol

Pall Mall $0.50 off:

Red Short – Red 100’s – Blue Short – Blue 100’s – Menthol Black 100’s – Menthol White 100’s

Here is what is on the menu this summer at Best In The Smoker’s World Discount Tobacco and Entertainment!

*Correction: In this add, the Father’s Day Sale was listed as June 14-17. The sale will start June 19th and run through the 21st. We apologize for the error.