Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I have directions to your store?

Answer: 1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C (Route 23) in Sycamore, Illinois – North of Portillo’s on the left hand side – Next to Batteries Plus

If you still aren’t sure, use a GPS. Almost every phone has one.

Question: What is with the sarcasm on your website and in your store?

Answer: Let us get back to you on that one.

Question: I’ve been calling your store and it keeps going to your answering machine. Why isn’t anyone answering?


Question: Why do I have to pay upfront or partially for special orders?

Answer: The same reason why you pay up front for food at Subway.

Question: How can you only be open until 7:00? That’s when I get off work!

Answer: First, this store is open 65 hours a week. Some days, we are at work even longer. That means our employees may work more, which in turn, they get paid more. Our prices are the lowest in DeKalb County for many reasons. This is one of them. We can’t help if you don’t have time within ten hours on weekdays, eight on Saturdays and seven on Sundays. All of us working here are tired as it is working most of those 65 hours a week.

Question: Can you please be open longer?

Answer: Hey, read above this. Our lives do not revolve around our jobs. You want our heads to explode and therefore, you go to the competition and get ripped off on the same products that we sell for much cheaper? If you want to do that, feel free. If you don’t, then stop complaining. It won’t take you more than 20 minutes in a ten hour span to leave your home, come here, purchase what you need and return. We have personal lives, too.

Question: Is this a franchise?

Answer: If by franchise, you mean, star player on a team? Then, yes. All of us working here are franchise players.

Question: I paid for a glass pipe/vaporizer/grinder/scale and I’d like to return it. Is that okay?

Answer: You can, but you aren’t getting your money back.

Question: Why won’t you refund me on this glass pipe/vaporizer/grinder/scale that I bought yesterday?

Answer: You actually think we are going to allow you to return a glass pipe that was used and resell it?

Question: The person working when I was there was rude. Can I speak to an owner/manager?

Answer: The person that was rude to you was either the owner or manager.

Question: Why are you all so awesome?

Answer: Because of people like you reading this. It’s you that has helped make us that way for over 14 years. When we tell you we appreciate your business, we mean it. No sarcasm here.