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In March of 2015, I brought in CBD e-liquids because of some colleagues in California having success with these products. Later in the month, I took the trip out there to see for myself how well this stuff sold. I brought some back with me and it took off.

“Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-pyschoactive component of cannabis that has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. No propylene glycol is added, so it’s a natural product and is legal in all 50 states. CBD is available in e-liquids and edibles such as food and pills.”

Now, I am proud to say we have brought in stronger CBD e-liquids, edibles and pills. We have various flavors of CBD E-Liquids in 150 MG and 300 MG. But the best news is this: If using a vaporizer isn’t your thing, we have edible pills and CBD food to take care of that. We present to you, CBD Peanut Butter and Honey.

Pre-filled 1 ML cartridges are available from $9.99-$11.99. Starter kits start at $19.99. CBD E-Liquids in 150 MG are $42.99 and the 300 MG run for $75.99. Pills vary by quantity.

Along with our CBD e-liquids and edibles for humans, we have added oral spray for both humans and pets. Now, treatment for pets and lotion for humans are being added to our CBD Division.

Pet treats can be used for both cats and dogs. We have big bags of salmon and chicken treats. Our bacon biscuits are for dogs only. As you can see in the picture above, CBD is all-natural and is much more beneficial for pets and  some veterinarians in California approve of this product. It’s truly a game-changer in the market.

Ladies and the gentleman, we invite you to come down to The Best In The Smoker’s World to try these products because the only place in DeKalb County to get this is here (well, that’s until my competitor down the street, known as WCW Ted Turner, copies this).

We’ll see you here soon!

Stop in today. Can’t make it in? We give free standard shipping anywhere in the United States. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order today!


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